Artwork Specifications

1) Offset printing is a mixture of 4 colors CMYK. What you view on computer is RGB but what offset print out is by CMYK. So the artwork must be done in CMYK color mode but NOT RGB.

C = CYAN     M = MAGENTA     Y = YELLOW     K = BLACK

2) DPI or dots per inch is a crucial term for offset printing. Your artwork must have resolution minimum of 300dpi to make sure the print out is absolutely sharp and beautiful.

3) Since you can have any kind of font for your text in your artwork but we might not have the same font that you do. Please make sure that you outline all the text before sending the artwork to us just to make sure that what you see on your computer will be exactly the same with the print out. For Adobe Illustrator, it is very simple, you would just need to select the text right click and choose Create Outline. While for Adobe Photoshop, you would need to choose the text layer, right click and select Rasterize Type.

4) Offset printing require to cutting down the papers from larger size. To avoid the problem of missed cut the artwork text, all text must be within the Safe Area. Let’s see how do we calculate safe area. For example of name card size of 90x54mm, the safe area for the text will be within 86x50mm. Each of the edge must be allocate at least 2mm.

5) If you could not do your artwork in professional design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. It is alright as most of our clients are first time dealing with offset printing. You can do your design in your favorable and familiar software. We do accept common file format like Microsoft Word, Power Point, Publisher. While for other software like AutoCAD, you can export the file as JPEG or PDF.

6) After all, do not worry of mistake being made in artwork, we will examine your artwork and double confirm with you before we process the printing. Our iDesign main objective is to make offset printing easy and everyone can print it!